A New Wedding Video (04-03-2012)

Client: Equinox Hawaii
Camera/Editor: Michael P. Schoneman

Seasoned Skateboarders

Telling Stories: BYU-Hawaii Broadcast Club

La RevoluciĆ³n Sandinista


A creative project inspired by an assigned presentation for a Spanish Course.

Daniel Ortega was captured by the Somoza dictatorship and tortured for information about an assassination attempt on the dictator himself, Anastasio Somoza. Humberto Ortega tries to rescue Daniel his brother and continue on fighting against the injustice.

Co-produced & co-written by
Michael P. Schoneman and Evan Fa

Directed, Filmed, & Edited by
Michael P. Schoneman

Evan Fa as Daniel Ortega
Maki Hohaia as Humberto Ortega
Taylor Nielsen as Somoza interrogator
Robbie Limary as Somoza guard

Music from
Inglourious Basterds Soundtrack 

A film by Mike Schoneman

This film was entered in to the first ever BYU-Hawaii Broadcast club film festival on Nov. 5th 2008 and it won first place! A few things you should know about the film festival...It was required to have an orange basketball, a person mopping, and the phrase "london bridges falling down" had to be said in each film.

The music was recorded at BYU-Hawaii TV Studios and mixed by Ezra Frantz.

Chris Gardner and Tim Vidmar created the music and lyrics were written by Chris Gardner.

Thanks to all that helped make this film.

This is a wedding video high light I made recently.