An instructional development project that creates an online platform for learning crucial principles of leadership. It uses an instructional design model for higher order thinking and engages experts as well as students and faculty from the university. The resulting product enables learners to be emotionally connected with the content so they can understand and apply this knowledge when they later interact with other learners in an online community or in face-to-face interactions. Learning leadership and what it really means is very valuable and will set those who diligently seek this knowledge apart from the rest of the world at large.  If applied correctly, with a constructiv­ist approach this project can create an e-learning environment that helps learners see in their own lives, opportu­nities to apply the concepts and skills provided. Once this understanding has taken place, change becomes the natural result. Loyalty, respect, and love are all attributes one can expect to gain from this atmosphere of learn­ing.


Culture and Roommate Conflict
Another project for my communications class (Culture and Conflict) This is just a sample of a longer more complete version of this issue. The focus was on my roommates at the "goat house" and how they deal with conflict amongst themselves.