Romney Wins the Nomination!


George Romney, Mitt Romney's father, in 1962 won the Republican nomination for Governor of Michigan. As was the report from this St. Petersburg, Florida newspaper 'Evening Independent'.

Imagine the excitement, for a moment, once Mitt Romney secures the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America...It's sounds great! A son truly living up to and beyond his father's goals and achievements, making George, without a doubt, a proud father.

Vote for MITT ROMNEY!!

George Romney also ran for President in 1968! Remember? I don't, I was too young, actually not even born, but through historical newspaper articles I've been transported back 'in time' if you will and seen what it was like then and can now compare a lot of the diferences in today's world.

44 years later it seems like a Romney's chance at sitting in the White House is more and more likely everyday. Now! We just need the rest of the Republicans, first, to pull their 'heads out' and start working this campaign. Second, once the nomination is secured, get the rest of America on board with Mitt for a truly BETTER AMERICA!

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